Friday, June 3, 2011
So, it's becoming something of a yearly ritual where I log onto this blog, cry profusely for somewhere around 45 seconds over the general, shabby state of affairs plaguing the thing, and then resolutely promise myself and you, my readership, that I will do my darnedest to revive the dying menagerie of overwrought three-dollar vocabulasm that is "The Edge of Awake."

Now, I'll bet you're thinking,

"Good lord, here it comes. More quasi-empty promises followed by theoretical coffee-centric nonsense that's completely inapplicable to my everyday life. Where's my Cosmopolitan magazine..."

And, to an extent, you'd be right. Because I am here today to make bombastic claims that may well never come to fruition, and they are predominately coffee-centric. But now I'm adding a novel new twist to the experience...

Jet-Powered Air Travel!

Yes, you heard me correctly. The blog is once more getting the Auto Elec Defib treatment, but if I ever get a pulse back, the first thing this blog is doing is printing out it's electronically confirmed boarding pass, hopping on the closest single-engine Cessna and taking to the region airways to bring you the very best in Southeastern coffee!

I recently took a trip down to Brazil to experience coffee at origin. No, not the mystical lands of East Africa where most believe coffee got its humble beginnings, but rather to the coffee farm owned and operated by the company that I work for. It was once of those experiences that opened my eyes in a good many ways, but left me yearning for more of what the coffee lifestyle is.

Okay, that's cryptic. What does it all mean, I hope you're asking yourselves. It means that not once in Brazil did I sleep on a well-worn straw mattress, fight off large, predatory jungle arachnids, or even go one night without the option of conditioning my hair the next morning. One day, I will get that experience, I'm sure. And I long for that day.

Until then, I've come to realize as I have a few times in my past, that I have been blessed with the gift of a middle-class upbringing and a job that allows me to travel about our great country in search of the best the coffee industry has to offer. To turn my back on that gift would be something of a tragedy.

With that I will leave you all with this. I will be working closely with a blog based out of New York, The Daily Meal, to bring you all the best of coffee in the Southeast, and beyond. Starting sometime very soon, you shall see a monthly editorial about my escapades across this lovely region of the states chronicaling the 5 best cafes and coffeeshops to visit when you're in town.

This is something I believe I was born to do, and something I should have dived into years ago. Alas, I've always been something of a late bloomer. It's cool though. You guys and gals out there have some great stuff to look forward to, and as I go along on my travels, I invite you to comment on my posts and recommend your favorite spots in cities I have not yet visited.

Who knows. Perhaps your favorite shop will make the cut.

For now, look forward to a post on Atlanta coffee, followed by... WHO KNOWS?! I don't want to ruin the surprise.

As always, enjoy and feel free to comment!


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