Sunday, March 14, 2010
so, i've been working with the pasquini livia for a few weeks now, and i'm starting to iron out the little quirks of the machine.  one thing continues to bother me, however.

the machine has a funny way of steaming milk.  and by funny i mean annoying.  and by steaming milk i mean not steaming milk.

yeah, basically, i can't figure out this steam wand.  it feels like the machine doesn't have the power to kick up and circulate milk in a way i feel it should.  as a result, my foam is loose, bubbly and virtually unmanageable.

the espresso, on the other hand, is quite another matter.  i'm pulling some pretty tasty shots out of the machine.  it's taken a second to dial in my grind and work out dosing, but the shots are coming around.  i'm getting stable, colorful crema on top of very bright, rich shots.

now if i could just figure out the milk thing.  anyone have any experience foaming milk on a home machine?

also, i had to put together a makeshift knock-box.  i did so out of a retail illy can and a metal chopstick.


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