Friday, April 30, 2010
so, i've spent some time recently redesigning the layout at my shop.  i'm focusing my efforts on creating a modular work environment, kinda like what you see at intelli's shop in venice, ca.  the problem i'm facing has most to do with the limited space i have to work with.  what i wouldn't give to have an hour to discuss the scarcity of space and the efficient use thereof with ingvar kamprad, founded of ikea and recently-named rich person.

the idea is creating separate little station for each brew method we would offer.  stations would include espresso, french press, chemex and drip station.  if this whole thing is done right, gone are the days of tripping up over fellow co-workers in an attempt to craft that perfect chemex while they're pouring a capp or what-have-you.

has anyone tried this?  better yet, if you have tried it, any advice on making it work in a small area?


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