Tuesday, January 25, 2011
I've been AWOL from the blog for a minute, but here goes!

I've been cupping a lot of coffees lately, honing my skills and whatnot. Here are some notes of coffees I have cuppoed lately.

Today I cupped a series of coffees roasted by Dallis Brothers Coffee Roasters. These were all winners in a multinational coffee certification competition held yearly in coffee-producing countries.

The coffees were:

NICARGUA - Las Flores (#8)

The heaviest of the four, i got deep wine notes in the nose, a buttery mouthfeel and citric flavors that were a bit savory. It finished liked a baked apple.

EL SALVADOR - La Pinera (#11)

Piney, with notes of curry in the nose. Sweet and creamy when blooming and almost tea-like when it brews. Some bright red flavors mingle with breadiness.

HONDURAS - Las Amazonas (#8)

Definitely the aromatic standout of the table. Deep, sweet fruity notes hit you as this coffee grinds. They are pungent, but pleasant. There are lemon-y flavors in the cup, but those red fruits from the nose develop and reel in the brightness of this one. Good stuff.

RWANDA - Kopakama Co-Op (#5)

This one really shines and speaks volumes about Rwandan coffees. The aromatic and flavor notes were all deep and rich, while also mellow. banana stood out in the nose, but gave way to floral and melon notes in the cup. the body was full, but not too much so.

Okay, that's what I've got so far. Look forward to a series involving coffees from more folks soon enough.


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